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About us


 My name is Paola Guerra and I am the founder of Body-Evolution-Massage. I started working in the restaurant industry when I moved to the US. I was working for about 15 years when I decided I wanted a change in my life, so I looked into massage school. The second I was being interviewed I realized this is the field for me. Once I started working at a spa I was determined to do more for my clients and started my own company. 


Massage Therapy heals the body in many ways. It relaxes muscles, and calms the mind.  Massage is known to reduce stress, promote circulation, lower blood pressure, and facilitate better sleep. It helps aid arthritis, neck pain, head aches, lower back pain and other aches and pains.


Our mission is to focus on a client needs, a massage to relax the body and mind or to treat a specific issue. We assist and teach the client on how the body operates as a whole on every level of Body, Mind and Spirit.


Body Evolution offers a variety of modalities

  • Deep Tissue
  • prenatal
  • sports
  • swedish
  • couples
  • scalp
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